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Dalton Rogers

Hey, everyone! My name is Dalton Rogers, and I am serving the Oklahoma FFA association as the 2020-2021 state FFA reporter.

I am from Owasso, Oklahoma, and attended Owasso Public Schools my entire life. I am attending Oklahoma State University and pursuing a degree in agribusiness.

Throughout my elementary and middle school, you could always find me either on a baseball diamond or a gymnastics studio. I was a team gymnast for about 12 years and played baseball up until my freshman year of high school. During seventh grade, I decided to join the wrestling team and competed on the state level for three years.

My sister was very active in Owasso High School; she was president of the student council and a very active member in many other clubs and organizations. I felt like I would be living in her shadow unless I joined something she was not a part of. I really had no clue what the FFA was at the time. I remember that the second I walked through the doors to the ag building, I asked myself, “What did I get myself into?”

Looking back, it was the best decision I had ever made. Forced into opening ceremonies I quickly fell in love with public speaking and found my niche in the FFA. I had multiple SAEs that ranged from baling hay to golf course maintenance and quickly found a home in the Owasso FFA chapter.

In my freshman year I decided to leave behind both wrestling and baseball to pursue my interests in FFA, a decision that allowed me to fully devote myself to further my speeches and better prepare for CDE contests.

My mom will always be my biggest supporter, and my dad will always be my hardest coach. Mr. Nemecek and Mr. Holloway will always be my two biggest critics. They always found ways for me to improve and pushed me to do my absolute best all the time. Having advisers like that really solidified my love for this organization and are the main reason I’ve gotten as far as I have in the FFA, school and my work life.

My Favorites...
Candy- Sour spree
Sport-Snow skiing
TV show- The Office
Vacation Spot- The Rocky Mountains
Drink- Unsweetened tea
Season- Fall
Vehicle- 1973 Split Window Corvette
Speaker- Reggie Dabbs
Snack- Popcorn
Role Model- Piper Merritt
FFA Activity- Extemporaneous Public Speaking
Store- Bass Pro Shops
Pastime- Bow Hunting
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